The Cazbi Clear Antimicrobial Case is designed to protect the Apple iPhone 6s or Apple iPhone 6 with its slick, hard, scratch resistant shell. In addition to that, the Cazbi Clear Antimicrobial Case incorporates the IONPURE Antimicrobial Material to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria that tends to accumulate on the smartphone cases.

IONPURE is a soluble glass with anti-microbial metal ions embedded into the Cazbi Clear Antimicrobial Case. Glass is generally considered as a material with high chemical inertness due to its strong network structure. However, it is possible to lower this chemical inertness by continuously altering its structure . On the other hand, there is another special property of glass, which retains metal as ions. Combination of this property and the above technology has enabled to create a new glass with low chemical inertness, which can also retain anti-microbial metal ions to be an anti-microbial material.


Uniquely fashionable, light weight case for your iPhone 6 or 6S with a pleasantly grippy, non-rubbery feel

Unobtrusively raised protective bezel designed to lift the screen and camera off flat surfaces

Comes with Professional Scratch Resistant Anti Glare, Anti Fingerprint Screen Protector provides extra layer of protection for the iPhone screen

Elevated shell to safeguard camera
and LED flash from abrasions.

360° View

    Durable Protection

    Resilient to withstand all life can throw at it, this case shrugs off drops and bumps.

    Light Weight

    Comprehensive protection that still
    glides easily into your pocket.

    1-Year Limited Warranty

    For that extra piece of mind, our cases are backed by a one-year limited warranty.