The Cazbi all-in-one wireless backlit Bluetooth keyboard case is designed specifically to let you get more from your Apple iPad Air/Air 2, by giving your iPad Air a comfortable laptop-like typing and multiple viewing angle functionality. The elegantly backlit keys allow for easy typing in low light conditions, while the wireless Bluetooth technology assures strong and reliable connectivity. Inside the keyboard, the low-profile "scissor" style key mechanisms deliver crisp, ultra quiet and precise keystroke response. With the Cazbi keyboard case you will type faster and more accurately than with the touchscreen alone. The magnetic case also protects the iPad Air from dust and scratches.


Please note, this case is for the iPad Air 2 and iPad Air (5th Generation), and will not fit the older iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad first generation properly.

Ultra-Thin Design

Measuring in at less than three-quarters of an inch thick, the Cazbi Keyboard Case provides durable, all-encompassing protection for your iPad Air without adding unnecessary bulk that might slow you down.

Textured Surface

Featuring a textured surface for improved grip on its front and back covers, the Cazbi Keyboard Case comprehensively safeguards your iPad Air from bumps, dust, and abrasions.

360° View

    Magnetic Case

    Designed to deliver a satisfying typing experience free of unwanted sliding, the Cazbi Keyboard case’s internal magnets keep your iPad Air firmly secured at any viewing angle.

    Low-Profile, Whisper-Quiet Keys

    Ergonomically spaced to support intensive typing, low-profile keys deepen the connection between your fingertips and what appears onscreen. Powered by ultra-smooth “scissor”-style key mechanisms that require little force to press, typing on the Cazbi Keyboard Case is a near-silent, highly comfortable experience.

    Back-Lit Keys

    Whether you’re at your most productive in dimly lit coffeehouses or simply enjoy watching videos with the lights out for that extra bit of immersion, the Cazbi Keyboard case’s backlit keys ensure you won’t be fumbling in the dark. Four levels of adjustable brightness enable users to select the perfect amount of illumination for their current environment.

    Auto Wake and Sleep

    With portable electronics battery is always a concern, but with its automatic wake and sleep functionality, the Cazbi Keyboard Case makes conserving power easy and unobtrusive. Thanks to discrete magnets embedded into the case’s front cover, your iPad Air automatically wakes when the cover is pulled off and enters sleep mode when the cover is placed back on.

    Long Battery Life

    Powered by a long-lasting 1550 mAh battery, the Cazbi Keyboard Case aspires to be always ready whenever you need it. Boasting long periods of operation before charging, the Cazbi Keyboard Case can be recharged via its Micro USB port via the included Micro USB to USB charging cable.